Shawn Hicks, Sports Lead

As the Sport Lead, I am responsible for leading our sports capability work with RSO’s and their clubs, specifically the coordination of the Otago Regional Sports Alliance (ORSA). I am an ex-professional cricketer who has played for both the Auckland Aces and the Otago Volts. My hobbies include CrossFit, golf and spending time with mates. Sports have been such a major part of my life and I feel grateful to be working at Sport Otago. On a serious note, what do you call a dear with no eyes… no eyed dear!


Phone: 027 279 6731

Alan Nicholls, Sport Advisor

I'm a runner with over 20 years working in the community sport sector. Without volunteers we wouldn't have community sport and my job is to make their job easier. I currently work with a variety of sports where I can help in areas like funding, volunteer and participant recruitment, operations, and administration. If you have an issue I can help with please give me a call.


Phone: 027 695 8007​​​​​​​

Grant Milne, Coach Lead

I have a background in education, and most weekends I am at sport or looking after my horses. The Otago sporting community is hard working, talented, humble and ambitious. I am here to provide a balanced approach to coach development across our province.  Coaching, sideline behaviour (Good Sports), balance is better are my hot topics.​​​​​​​


Phone: 027 551 2638