We are not currently accepting applications while we review how the Sporting Chance fund is managed. Check back here again soon or email for more info.

Sporting Chance - Overcoming Barriers to Playing Sport​​​​​​​

Sporting Chance is our programme that provides financial assistance to children from disadvantaged circumstances to help them take part in sport.  It funds participation and will assist with the basic costs of playing a sport.  Sporting Chance makes grants for the costs of:

  • Fees.  You can apply for the cost of club or schools fees for playing sport.  There are some exceptions - see below - so be sure to apply for the right costs to increase your chances of getting a grant.
  • Sporting footwear.  You can apply for the cost of sporting footwear such as football boots, court shoes or running shoes.

We do not make grants for:

  • Travel to or participation in tournaments, training camps, or similar one-off events.

  • Lessons/classes (e.g. swimming) or  individual coaching, where it incurs a charge above the basic fees for participation in a sport.

  • The extra costs associated with high performance or elite competition, such as dress uniforms, higher grade equipment, etc.

To be eligible for a grant, a student must be:

  • Regularly attending school in Otago, and be between Years 1 and 13.

  • Participating in an ongoing sporting commitment, which could be a season or a year depending on the sport.

  • Have genuine financial need as determined by the referring body.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a large number of applications received, there may be a delay receiving your result. 


Sporting Chance FAQ's

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