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Active Recreation & Rangatahi Lead

Ko wai au/Who am I

My name is Jack Nelson, and I am the Active Recreation and Rangatahi Lead at Sport Otago.

The Active Recreation and Rangatahi Lead is all about rangatahi, first and foremost. Leading the active recreation and youth development portfolios on behalf of the organisation, to develop and deliver quality services, connect, and influence key organisations and community groups, and support rangatahi participation in active recreation.

Creating Active Recreation Initiatives For Youth

This survey is designed to support the community towards creating active recreation initiatives in partnership with Sport Otago. The survey will provide the Active Recreation and Rangatahi Lead with valuable insights. He can then identify areas of support to ensure the suggested project is successfully implemented. Please complete THIS survey so we can assist you with your initiative: ACTIVE RECREATION - PROJECT INSIGHT

Jack Nelson
Active Recreation and Rangatahi Lead

Ph: 027 289 9746


Insights Into Our Active Recreation Community

Do you provide a service that gets whānau into active recreation. Maybe, you’re a yoga teacher, a kayak instructor or you organise a community running group? In the pursuit of getting Otago more active, more often, Sport Otago wish to gain insights into our Active Recreation community. Please complete THIS survey so we can help connect our community and schools to providers and facilitators of Active Rec: Active Recreation Facilitators / Providers Across Otago

Active Recreation Providers In Otago

Community Valuing Active Recreation And Rangatahi Alongside Sport Otago