A Resource Hub For Sports Clubs

Sport Otago’s community sport team work with Regional Sports Organisations and clubs throughout Otago to improve their capability. 

We do this through best practice advice utilising the skills of our experienced team who have a range of best practice models, templates, and tools to help achieve this outcome. This includes the latest products from Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ).

In these challenging times, we want to ensure all sports organisations are planning for the future so we can offer advice, training, and guidance in specific areas as listed:

  • Leadership and Governance
  • Planning and Administration
  • Workforce planning: recruitment, training, and support
  • Starting a new club
  • Funding and Fundraising
  • Volunteers
  • Event Support
  • Health and Safety
  • Coaching

If we are unable to assist directly, we have access to independent expertise.

Leadership and Governance

Nine Steps to Effective Governance - a comprehensive and practical guide to governance from Sport NZ.

Sample Constitution for Sporting Bodies - a sample constitution from Sport NZ.

Charitable Trust Deed - a sample charitable trust deed from Sport NZ.

Memorandum of Understanding - a guide to writing a successful MoU from Sport NZ.

Planning and Administration

A sample club strategic planning template, courtesy of Sport Waikato.

Research and Insights - the latest research and insights resources from Sport NZ.

Marketing and Communication - best practice advice on marketing for sports clubs from Sport NZ.

Social Media - a social media game plan for sports clubs from Sport NZ.

Starting a New Club

Is there a need? - conducting your research on the need for a club.

Choosing the Right Structure - setting yourself up with the most appropriate structure.

Growing your Membership
Growing your Membership - a best practice resource from Sport NZ.


Volunteers really do make sport happen.  To look after and support your volunteers, it is important to ensure the different jobs are shared and suit the individuals, and that the people involved have clear role descriptions.  This will enable people to enjoy their time in sport, feel valued, and continue to love sport for years to come.

Recruiting and Managing Volunteers - a practical guide to recruiting and successfully managing volunteers from Sport NZ.

Women in Sport – Otago

Sport Otago works alongside the Women in Sport Otago (WISPO) network, which is a local branch of Women in Sport - Aotearoa (WISPA).  This group is passionate about creating opportunities, equity, and visibility for women and girls in sport in our region.  If you would like more information on how they can support your sport or activity, or to join the WISPO network, get in contact by emailing

Women and Girls in Sport - a resource kit for providing a quality sporting experience for girls and young women.

Event Support

Event Management for Clubs - a Sport NZ guide on managing events.

Risk Management - a Sport NZ guide on risk management.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety - an overview of the Health and Safety at Work Act from WorkSafe.

Sports Rage - a guide to preventing and managing sports rage.

Keep.Sport.Positive. Resources

Sport Otago has a range of resources to help create a positive sideline experience at Keep.Sport.Positive.