Coach Development - 

Enhancing Lifelong Participation

Coaches are essential to the success of sport and sporting organisations. Sport Otago thanks you for the positive impact you have on our sports participants here in Otago.    Quality coaches help athletes to perform and enjoy themselves, thus ensuring athletes are retained within a sport.  Following parents and teachers, coaches are among the most influential people in children’s lives. Coaching should be enjoyable and rewarding; whether it is coaching complete beginners or high performers. 

For some, coaching is a lifelong calling.  For the majority of community coaches it is an activity undertaken when their child’s team needs a coach and continues as long as there is a need at school or club. Coaching Success Criteria 1. The coach is smiling and has had fun. 2. The athletes are smiling and have had fun. 3. Each athlete feels that their work ethic and talent are valued, and that the coach respects them. 

Sport Otago offers support for coaches throughout our wonderful region, and for coaches from grassroots up.  The following community Coach Education workshops will be organised on request from a school, club or other interested group.  Email to discuss your specific requirements.  

Coach Developers : I will work with your secondary school or regional sport organisation to support your coach development programme, ideally working toward the training of coach developers whom work with your coaching network. 

Balance is Better : A workshop to highlight athlete wellbeing through a balanced approach to sport and life.  For teenagers, parents, coaches, and/or organisers of sport. 

Keep.Sport.Positive : A workshop ideal for schools, clubs, and regional sport organisations covering how each sports participant contributes to making the sport positive. 

Identity Drives Success : A workshop highlighting Dr Ralph Pim’s coach character strength work. 

Good Sports for Coaches : A workshop covering Aktive’s nationally renowned coach approach.  Especially great for coaches working with primary and secondary school aged participants. 

Online Introductory Coaching Course

Sport Otago have partnered with Bracken Learning, a product designed by The Tarn Group in Dunedin. Follow the instructions below to log on to a 40 minute coaching course. This can be completed at any time, and you can ‘save’ your details if you get part way through.

Choose 'Register'. The Join Code is '140D9F’, and then progress to the  ‘Coach Live – Coaching Pathway’.


We are grateful for the support of the Otago Community Trust in supporting our coach education programmes.