Recreation - Getting Active Outdoors

Our primary purpose is getting people active. This position analyses 12- to 18-year-old rangatahi (secondary school) and their participation in physical activity. With statistics and surveys sourced from Sport NZ, we can confidently identify that roughly 30% of rangatahi are either inactive or show low rates of physical activity. This statistic alone emphasises why an Active Recreation Lead at Sport Otago is so important.

The purpose of the role is to identify underlying issues and potential solutions regarding the physical activity/inactivity rates within secondary schools. Correspondingly, this role attempts to focus on disadvantaged groups (women & girls, ethnic communities, rural areas and high deprivation), in addition to the 30% that aren’t meeting their daily dose of physical activity.

We work alongside local stakeholders (secondary schools, rangatahi and recreational providers) to develop initiatives, that will influence behavioural change and promote physical activity for rangatahi. This role relies on perspectives of the community and youth voice. Only then can we implement fulfilling initiatives within our region.

By providing active recreation opportunities allows rangatahi to build positive habits, while uplifting their mana (pride) and wellbeing.

Ko wai au/Who am I

My name is Jack Nelson, and I am the Active Recreation Lead employed by Sport Otago.  I am the main contact for concerns regarding active recreation in Otago

My main focus areas are to: 

  • Develop community understanding of active recreation
  • Build relationships with stakeholders
  • Co-design with stakeholders and rangatahi to promote active recreation initiatives
  • Provide guidance and advice regarding future funding applications, initiatives and/or programmes
  • Analyse data and utilise results to create awareness within the community
  • Run internal workshops and events
  • Be a point of contact between active recreation providers and organisations in need
  • Provide opportunities for rangatahi to explore new active recreation activities
  • Build confidence, self-development and wellbeing for all rangatahi