Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Fund

Sport Otago manages the Sport New Zealand Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa fund for the Otago region.  The fund exists to activate our tamariki/children and rangatahi/teens through sport, active recreation and play.  It has a strong emphasis on understanding the needs of our youth and delivering what they want to do to be active.  Sport New Zealand is specifically targeting Māori, Pasifika, and children with disabilities, but projects to activate all inactive and under-active youth can be considered.

Funding Rounds

For 2021/22 the funding rounds for Otago will be:

  • September 2021.  Projects will be considered for up to $10,000.00.  Closed 30 September.
  • November 2021. Open funding, projects of any value considered.  Closed 30 November.
  • March 2022.  Open funding, projects of any value considered.  Closes 31 March.
  • May 2022. Projects will be considered for up to $10,000.00.  Closes 31 May.
  • July 2022.  Open funding, projects of any value considered.  Closes 31 July.

Please note it is likely to take 4-6 weeks after the closing of the round before you will receive notification of a result.  Sport New Zealand have specific requirements regarding Māori and community representation on the assessment panel which need to be met before grants can be made.  If we are able to process the grants quicker we will certainly do so. 

'Fast Funding'

Applications for up to $1,000.00 will always be open and we will work to process these smaller grants as quickly as possible.  This funding is available to enable smaller scale projects to gain funding support with a streamlined application process.

Applications can be submitted at any time and there is no closing date. Please note that there is a minimum of two weeks notice for Fast Funds. 

Funded Projects

Kahu Youth Trust $1,000.00 - New physical activity and play programme.

Otago Handball $1,000.00 - Delivering a senior and junior school league for tamariki in Central Otago.

Cromwell Youth Trust $1,000.00 - New Youth Development Programme for tamariki and rangatahi. 

Disc Golf Wanaka $18,477.04 - Assist with devlopment of a community disc golf course. 

Milton Primary School $32,565.00 - Equipment to expand physical activity and play for Milton Primary. 

Sense Rugby Trust $24,250.00 - Assist with Sense Rugby groups in Dunedin. 

Pine Hill School $895.00 - To provide former refugees with beach education and safety education. 

Green Island School $10,000.00 - Equipment to expand play and recreation opportunities for the Green Island community.

Starjam Trust $15,000.00 - New active recreation programme for youth with disabilities. 

OSSSA $2,500.00 - Delivery of sporting opportunities for students with a disability.

Rad Skateboarding $35,000.00 - Contribution to expanding the delivery of services in Central Otago in 2022.

Football South $15,000.00 - Assist with delivering football opportunities targeted at the needs of girls across the region.

Connect Cromwell $25,000.00 - Assist with the development of a community frisbee golf course.

Waitaki Recreation Centre $13,494.10 - Delivery of sporting opportunities meeting the cultural needs of the community.

Otago Museum $35,000.00 - Expand the delivery of 'Trybaries' to enable play in communities. 

ORFU $35,000.00 - To assist with a region wide development in opportunities to grow girls rugby.

Whakaruruhau $35,000.00 - Provide sport and recreation opportunities for tamariki and rangatahi as Māori. 

M!NT $10,000.00 - Providing sport, recreation, and play opportunities for youth with disabilities.

Journeys $27,000.00 - To grow their outdoor recreation project enabling more young women to participate.

Fulton Hogan Ltd $35,000.00 - Assist with implementation of 'Playful Footpaths' in targeted communities.

Queen's High School $6,000.00 - Equipment to offer a wider range of extra-curricular recreation opportunities for students.

Pacific Trust Otago $35,000.00 - To assist with the delivery of extra-curricular and holiday activities for the Pasifika community.

East Otago High School $6004.26 - Equipment to provide an increased range of culturally relevant sporting opportunities.

Karitane School $3,000.00 - A beach recreation project covering both activities and education.

Pacific Trust Otago $1,000.00 (Fast Fund) - Assist with delivery of a school holiday programme.

Queenstown Primary School $1,000.00 (Fast Fund) - Pilot of a holistic wellness programme for rangatahi.

Otago Softball Association $759.00 (Fast Fund) - To assist rangatahi in need to participate in sport.

St Clair Golf $9,700.00 - A partnership with Carisbrook School to pilot a SNAG golf in schools project.

reThink $10,000.00 - A sensory play project for tamariki with high needs.

Sacred Heart School $9,922.85 - Development of an accessible play area.

M!NT $5,243.00 - Delivery of an outdoor recreation camp to tamariki and rangatahi with disabilities.

Kaikorai Valley College $10,000.00 - Development of accessible play spaces.

Otago Softball Association $10,000 - 'Girls On Base' programme for girls-only softball competition.

Otago Girls' High School $8,640.00 - Year 9 active recreation week.

Balclutha Riding for the Disabled $10,000.00 - Expand their capacity to support young people with disabilities.

Waitaki District Council $15,000.00 - New play equipment at the aquatic centre to enable participation by all children.

Mountain Biking North Otago $10,000.00 - Providing opportunities to children who don't own bikes to learn to ride.

Otago Maori Rugby $9,500.00 - For rangatahi to participate in a holistic sport project developing them as Māori youth.

Sport FOUR All $40,000.00 - A collaboration between four sports to deliver new opportunities to children.

Line Marking Specialists $59,290.00 - Installing play markings at schools across Otago.

M!NT Charitable Trust $5,353.00 - Developing a sensory play library for children with specific needs.

North Otago Tennis $6,720.00 - Bringing a sporting opportunity to children in rural Waitaki. 

Cromwell Youth Trust $39,781.00 - A wellness through outdoor active recreation programme for rangatahi. 

Rad Skate School $25,666.00 - Expansion of the programme to be larger and cover a wider area.

Kaikorai Valley College $5000.00 - Equipment to increase active recreation options during break times.

Wakari School $9643.09 - A project to increase girls participation in sport.

Southern Zone Rugby League $9,500.00 - A multi-sport opportunity for rangatahi in the Queenstown area.

Dunedin City Petanque $3,680.00 - New equipment to allow a youth league to develop from their 'have-a-go' sessions.

Rad Skate School $10,000.00 - Growing the delivery of the drop-in teaching sessions.

Cromwell Youth Trust $9,854.78 - 'Back On Track' outdoor active recreation programme for Cromwell youth. 

Cross Recreation Centre $7,057.00 - New portable play equipment to offer more activity options.

Otago Museum $10,000.00 - 'Play Box' projects activating communities with play.

Otago Secondary School Sports $7,850.00 - Assisting rangatahi with disabilities to be active in their school.

Te Roopu Tautoko ki te Tonga $25,000.00 - Mana Mau Rākau for rangatahi tane to learn Mau Rākau and kapa haka.

Mana Tāhuna Charitable Trust $25,000.00 - 'Tāhuna Mau Rākau' programme for Queenstown rangatahi. 

Pacific Trust Otago $25,000.00 - To run a Pasifika Youth Sports Tournament. 

Wanaka Associated Football Club $10,000.00 - Development of girls football in the Wānaka area.

Otago Rugby Football Union $25,000.00 - Contribution to a programme delivering rugby options to girls.

Arai Te Uru Whare Hauora $6,241.00 - Indigenous wrestling and boxing fitness programme for youth.

Aspiring Gymsports $15,000.00 - Safety equipment to allow expansion of programmes to meet growing demand.

M!NT Charitable Trust $28,750.00 - Supporting an activity programme for children with disabilities in Central Otago.

Southern Zone of New Zealand Rugby League Incorporated $10,000 - A multi-sport programme teaching wellness and activity.

Rad Skate School  $9,916.71 - Starting drop-in sessions to teach basic skateboarding to Central Otago youth.

Otago Country Cricket  $3,544.90 - New cricket options for girls in Central and South Otago.

Hauteruruku ki Puketeraki  $10,000.00 - He ngaru moana, ma te ihu o te waka e wahi.

Journeys Charitable Trust  $9,500.00 - Outdoor active recreation opportunities for young women from Central Otago.