On Your Marks - Stage 1 (Early Years) Stage 2 (Primary)


​​​​​​​On Your Marks (Stage 1) is a fundamental movement skills initiative for early childcare providers which focuses on the phases that children develop through, not so much their age.  It is about providing quality movement experiences within a child’s learning environment, that build the foundations that will last a lifetime.

On Your Marks (Stage 1) is about encouraging the right environments which are vital for the successful development of children’s gross motor skills, and provides ideas for teachers and educators that they can use with the children.  Early childcare providers are given professional development including a teacher and educator workshop and four team teaching session sessions with the children. These team teaching sessions cover:

  • Locomotion
  • Stability
  • Manipulation and Movement
  • Body Awareness

Additionally, teachers and educators are given access to online resources and activity ideas for them to continue to teach movement based learning.

  • Early Childcare focused
  • 1 hour Theory Introduction Workshop (for parents/ teachers)
  • Four Team Teaching Sessions (approx 40mins)
  • Resources provided for ongoing development
  • $60.00 per Early Childhood Centre


On Your Marks (Stage 2) is an exciting fundamental skills programme designed for primary school students in Years 0-3.  It was established to support all teachers and deliverers, in designing, learning, and teaching differentiated programmes that focus on fundamental movement skills.  The programme consists of teacher training, four team teaching sessions per term, and appropriate resources for ongoingg support.

On Your Marks is split into three core fundamental movement skill categories:

  • Locomotion –  running, dodging, jumping, hopping, and skipping.
  • Manipulation – throwing, catching, dribbling, kicking, and striking. 
  • Stability – static and dynamic balance.

Fundamental movement skills provide the building blocks for movement which are necessary as a precursor to the more specialised, complex skills used in play, games, sports, and classroom behaviours.  Proficiency in these foundations is an important step towards ensuring lifelong involvement in physical activity.  Without proficiency in fundamental movement skills, students are less likely to explore the range of options available to them and establish and maintain active lifestyles.

  • Primary School focused, Years 0 – 3
  • 1 hour Theory Introduction Workshop (for parents/ teachers)
  • 4 x (40min) Sessions per Term
  • Access to folder and online resources
  • $150.00 per school