Keep.Sport.Positive. - Being a Positive Role Model

Sport Otago’s ‘Keep.Sport.Positive.' project has been designed to encourage a positive and supportive environment for everyone to enjoy sport.  The initiative provides resources to inspire parents, participants, coaches, and officials to stamp out questionable sport behaviour. This project is designed for everyone involved in sport, whether it’s to maintain a positive sporting culture or to develop better practices from the ground up.

There are a wide range of printable resources available.  These have been branded for the different regions of Otago and feature different sport themes. 

Keep.Sport.Positive. Flags

We’ve all been at that game, right?  Where that one person is loudly berating their child or someone else’s?  Or someone is giving the ref a hard time?  Or maybe even a couple of players are having a go at each other? 

Our Keep.Sport.Positive. resources are designed to help reduce questionable sideline behaviour; to encourage people to stop and think, or even have the courage to have a quiet word to others to stop the negative vibe on the field or the sideline.   These flags are designed for clubs, codes, and event organisers to use to help keep it all fun and positive – so that everyone has a great time.  They can be used for tournaments, open days, or regular competitions, with a base plate or ground spike, for indoor or outdoor use.  Contact us to make a booking to use any of the Keep.Sport.Positive. flags.

A range of materials branded for Clutha, Central Otago, and Waitaki are available from your nearest Sport Otago regional office, or will be sent to you by request.  Please contact us if you require any regionally branded materials.