Funding - Keeping the Lifeblood Flowing

Sport Otago is able to offer assistance to all sporting organisations in the area of fundraising.

There are three funds Sport Otago administers itself, so we can talk directly about the Skeggs Foundation for elite and aspiring elite athletes, coaches and officials, Sporting Chance for the children of financially disadvantaged families, and the KiwiSport regional partnership fund which is aimed at supporting new initiatives that enable school-aged children to participate in sport.

Of equal importance is the way that we work with sporting groups to develop fundraising plans that maximise grant funding and encourage full member involvement in traditional fundraising activities like raffles and sausage sizzles, etc.

The Otago Community Trust (OCT)

The OCT supports, encourages, and enhances the Otago community by responsibly managing and sharing their funds to support charitable, philanthropic, and other activities which are beneficial to the Otago community.

Regional Sporting Organisations can apply to the OCT through the Regional Sports Fund, an annual contestable funding round which closes on 31 March. 

Other sport and recreation organisations can still apply to the OCT for assistance with projects, programmes, and other initiatives at any stage during the year.  Applications must be submitted using the OCT application form.  Every application is judged on its individual merits and its potential value to the Otago community.  Before submitting applications, please check to see if you meet the criteria outlined in the OCT application form. 

After the application is received it will be considered by the Trustees.  It is important to note that this process may take up to three months.

For further information on the OCT, please click here.

General Funding Advice 

  • Prepare an annual budget for your organisation and/or your specific project detailing all anticipated costs.
  • Visit the givUS programme which is available at libraries or online.  This will help you identify possible funders for your project.
  • Contact all organisations identified in givUS that match your particular project to confirm your eligibility, to determine the best process to lodge your application and to establish the application deadlines.

Further information on funding assistance is available from the Department of Internal Affairs website

The key to ongoing successful sustainable fundraising is about spreading the sources you get your income from.

Other Suggestions for Funding

Your Employer

The company you work for could be a revenue source or a potential cost saver:

  1. They could provide products at a discounted price.
  2. They could allow you time off to concentrate on activities that have a community benefit.
  3. They may have an Employee Benefit Fund that you can apply to for funding for you or your project.

Territorial Authorities

Your Territorial Authority (City or District Council) wants to see you succeed and they might be able to help you in a variety of ways:

  1. Rates relief.
  2. Reduced or free user charges.
  3. They have events and travel grants that you can apply to for funding.
  4. They may have a Charitable Trust that you can apply to for funding.
  5. They have free literature available on events, promotion, and funding.

Traditional Fundraising

The more of this type of traditional fundraising you undertake, the more the Charitable Trusts and Gaming Trusts are likely to give you:

  1. Raffles.
  2. Quiz nights.
  3. Sausage sizzles.
  4. Car wash.
  5. Car boot sales.

Charge for Services

Are there opportunities to sell the services you provide for your members to other groups?

  1. Schools.
  2. Workplaces.
  3. Special Events.