Physical Activity Leaders

The Physical Activity Leader (PAL) programme gives senior students responsibility and an opportunity to be seen in a leadership role.  At the same time, the programme helps to encourage students’ participation in sport and physical activity and contributes to their 60 minutes of physical activity a day.  The PAL programme is an adaptable programme which should be designed to suit the needs of the students.  Being a PAL gives the students within the school a sense of pride and satisfaction and a chance to develop a role model status.

Some noticed benefits of running the PAL programme include:

  • Students developing personal leadership skills.
  • Students have an opportunity to accept more responsibility, appreciation, and respect from teachers and students.
  • Students gain a sense of satisfaction for helping the enjoyment of others while working towards a happier, healthier, more physically active life!
  • Provides a great teaching and learning opportunity in leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Examples of PALs in action within schools:

  • PALs running lunchtime games and activities.
  • PALs responsible for and involved in the planning of school community sports and recreation events.
  • PALs taking class 'brain break' session with the juniors.
  • PALs running activity events to promote what they do.
  • PALs responsible for “Caught Being Active” and “Fair Play” Awards.
  • PALs setting up weekly crazes such as skipping, elastics, and wheel days.
  • PALs setting up teacher versus student challenges.
  • PALs buddying up with junior students.

The opportunities are limitless!

Getting started with the PAL programme

Stirring interest

  • Introduce the programme in assembly with a guest speaker.
  • Promotional flyers around the school.
  • Special lunchtime coaching sessions.

More Information

If you would like more information, please contact Tessa Bekkers from our Dunedin Schools Team or Nicola Boemo from our Central Otago team.