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Green Prescription

Green Prescription

What is a Green Prescription?



With our new Self Referral form you can now sign up to get free exercise advice and support today. Click HERE to sign up.

If you are struggling to find the motivation to get out and get active, a Green Prescription (GRx) could be exactly what you're 

grx logopos ppwlooking for. Our activity programme is designed to kick-start your physical activity levels right away. You can join the Green Prescription programme in two ways: either self refer HERE, or get a referral through your medical centre.  If you go to your medical centre, your doctor or nurse will need to refer you to the programme.  Your health specialist needs to provide medical clearance that you are safe to exercise, prior to commencing the programme.

Once we receive your referral, one of our Green Prescription Coordinators will contact you to arrange a consultation. We will use this consultation to discuss your health goals, interests, current physical activity levels, and nutrition and will help motivate and support you in developing and initiating an activity plan. Your appointed Green Prescription Coordinator will then give you a support call every month for up to 12 months to check on progress and offer any further information or guidance you require. Our Coordinators can connect you with local exercise providers in your area.  If you are based in Dunedin our Coordinators can connect you with other Green Prescription participants by giving you the opportunity to take part in group activity sessions such as aqua jogging, indoor cycling, and the popular walking series. They can also offer you resistance training placements and can refer you onto student dieticians for more specialised nutritional support.  For more information please phone 03 474 6369 or from outside Dunedn 0800 776 786.


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Who Can Be On a Green Prescription?

Anyone who would benefit from becoming more physically active and is not currently achieving two and half hours of moderate physical activity a week can take part. You need to be 18 years and over and any medical condition must be stable. Most importantly, you need to be ready to make a lifestyle change.

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Are you ready to make Green Prescription part of your healthy life?  Fill out this self referral form and we will get you started.

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